Young Musicians Course (Ages 6-8)

Ages of students: 6-8 year olds
Course length: 2 years
Class schedule: One class per week
Private Lessons: Optional

Musicianship is taught through the use of a keyboard. Children will be involved in the following activities:

  • Singing
  • Ear training
  • Repertoire (keyboard pieces)
  • Ensemble playing (group performance)
  • Keyboard harmony
  • Arranging
  • Keyboard technique
  • Sight singing
  • Sight playing
  • Theory

Music is Child’s Play
The Young Musicians Course is founded on the belief that every child loves music. During the two-year program, children participate in activities that teach basic musical skills and encourage independence, creativity and self-expression. The course appeals to the imagination of a young mind and becomes an integral part of your child’s growth.

Yamaha Teachers are Dedicated
They are also eager to work with young children and parents. Committed to providing happy, rewarding first musical experiences, these college-trained musicians and educators have passed demanding tests in musicianship while completing rigorous training prior to certification by the Yamaha Music Education System.

Upon Completion of the Course
Once your child has completed the Young Musicians Course, he or she will take part in a “Fundamental Skills Survey” to confirm his or her musical achievement. Teachers refer to Survey results to correctly place students in advanced courses of study such as the Junior Extension Course and Junior Special Advanced Course. As the children develop more advanced musical skills, they are also encouraged to express themselves by performing and composing their own music through programs like Junior Original Concert.

An International Music Education System
When you enroll your child in the Young Musicians Course, you are assured of an excellent first course of musical study. Yamaha has invested over 50 years of music education research in dozens of countries throughout the world. Through Yamaha Music Schools, more than 6 million people worldwide have been introduced to the joy of music.

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